Monday, June 13, 2016

Engraved Stationery and Color

Hand engraved stationery presents unique printing issues when working with color papers and inks. This is why Nancy Sharon Collins recently authored three articles published in PRINT magazine about dealing with color reproduction. The series presents a brief punch list of best practices, for clients, printers and designers, when dealing with color on press. It also discusses differences, and challenges, of evaluating color on the screens of our devices versus literally going on press with the printer to watch what happens with ink paper in real time.

Nancy Sharon Collins, Stationer
Example of hand engraved social stationery photographed and used in advertisements and on the internet. © 2016 Nancy Sharon Collins, Stationer.
  1. The first article introduces the notion of color matching systems for print, specifically for one-color jobs in low-tech processes such as stationery engraving. This article goes into the history of color matching systems, too.
  2. The second article talks about color responsibility and explains some of the best practices summed up in the final article... 
  3. The final article elaborates best practices and lists them. These include discussing your print job with (depending upon who you are) the printer, designer, and or client. Sharing expectations with each other, sharing printing specifications, and going on press.

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