Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Veranda Covers Hand Engraved Stationery!

See page 76 of Veranda magazine: Hand engraved stationery by Nancy Sharon Collins.
"The not-quite-lost art of engraved stationery…A custom monogram by Nancy Sharon Collins is a thing of beauty.Hand engraved on whisper-thin stock like onionskin (the preferred medium for letter writers Ernest Hemingway and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis), it says so much more than any e-mail, text, or emoji ever could—and it never loses its charge.”Veranda Magazine, October 2015, page 76.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Nancy Sharon Collins, hand engraved social stationer, on NPR

This Thursday @ 1:00pm & Friday @ 6:30pm
89.9 FM on your radio dial your friendly, neighborhood stationer is interviewed about hand engraved stationery on WWNO | NPR:

Out To Lunch
  • Navigate to top right blue “Listen Live” button.
  • Go to “WWNO”, the top selection (not “Classical” or “Jazz”).
  • Go to “Streams” tab, upper left hand corner below the big black banner. (There are two tabs, “Latest Stories” and “Streams”.)
You can also listen to a recording on the interviewer, Peter Richuitti’s, Out to Lunch website. Peter is Tulane University professor of economics and his show focuses on New Orleans entrepreneurs, of which Mrs. Collins is one.