Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Importance of Custom Monograms

In this second of 10 mini-videos, "Nancy Says", Nancy Sharon Collins says that she thinks custom monograms are important and that they hold a direct relationship to graphic design

Fall Monogram & Letter Writing Classes

Monogram and Letter Writing classes given by Nancy Sharon Collins:
  •     10/1/16 Monogram Class, 10am-noon, New Orleans
  •     11/3/16 Letter Writing Class, 6-8pm, Charleston, SC
  •     11/12/16 Letter Writing Class, 10am-noon, New Orleans.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Departures Features Hand Engraved Monograms

Departures features hand engraved monograms, here’s a quote...

     ‘In order to create her breathtaking bespoke ciphers—a combination of letters woven into a personal mark—Nancy Sharon Collins begins with a consultation, either in her by-appointment New Orleans studio or remotely. “It’s something between going to a shrink and to an architect,” she says. Ultimately, the process yields a custom emblem designed to last a lifetime.’

Monday, June 13, 2016

Engraved Stationery and Color

Hand engraved stationery presents unique printing issues when working with color papers and inks. This is why Nancy Sharon Collins recently authored three articles published in PRINT magazine about dealing with color reproduction. The series presents a brief punch list of best practices, for clients, printers and designers, when dealing with color on press. It also discusses differences, and challenges, of evaluating color on the screens of our devices versus literally going on press with the printer to watch what happens with ink paper in real time.

Nancy Sharon Collins, Stationer
Example of hand engraved social stationery photographed and used in advertisements and on the internet. © 2016 Nancy Sharon Collins, Stationer.
  1. The first article introduces the notion of color matching systems for print, specifically for one-color jobs in low-tech processes such as stationery engraving. This article goes into the history of color matching systems, too.
  2. The second article talks about color responsibility and explains some of the best practices summed up in the final article... 
  3. The final article elaborates best practices and lists them. These include discussing your print job with (depending upon who you are) the printer, designer, and or client. Sharing expectations with each other, sharing printing specifications, and going on press.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Archived Articles

Hand engraved “Thank You” cards by Nancy Sharon Collins, Stationer.

Looking back through the online archives of magazine and pop culture coverage, Nancy Sharon Collins, Stationer maintains an even presence in the venerable world of hand engraved stationery.

This fantastic article by Lynn Yeager in Travel & Leisure, and other archived articles demonstrate.

Mrs. Collins continues to be the subject of popular culture as this list of magazine articles attest:
Additionally, Mrs. Collins is not shy about penning her own well earned wisdom regarding all matters having to do with printing ink on paper. Here are some articles authored by Nancy Sharon Collins recently for PRINT | HOW magazines, stalwart chroniclers of design culture:

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Letter Writing Class

Join Nancy Sharon Collins and other letter writing and paper experts Tuesday-Wednesday, May 17-18 with Switzerland County Historic Society Conservator’s Holiday on the picturesque banks of the Ohio River in Historic Vevay Indiana.

During this year’s annual  Conservator’s Holiday, Mrs. Collins’s will provide the ever popular “How to Write a Letter” workshop, the notorious “Mrs. Collins Regrets”, and the infamous Calling Card presentation originally given in 2014. Seating is limited, so reserve your spot now by contacting the Director, Martha Bladen, for your reservation, directions, and further information: 812-427-3560.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

5/7/16 Monogram Class

Students hand drawing monograms with pencils on tracing paper.

Saturday, May 7 at Gallier Historic house in New Orleans French Quarter, experience how monograms are hand drawn then walk away with your very own pencil sketch of it (that you yourself have drawn!)

In this hands-on class examples of vintage monograms, lettering styles and engraving will be on display–students will learn to make new symbols, traditional monograms, and letterforms using these historic pieces as inspiration. By tracing, combining then retracing existing forms, new, totally original designs, monograms and letterforms will be created.
For anyone tech-curious or savvy: The class will discuss bringing sketches into digital format, vector (Adobe Illustrator) versus Photoshop (raster) will be compared. Additionally…the super secret special “Ah Ha!” moment Illustrator trick will be revealed whereby an actual monogram can be digitally rendered in 10-15 minutes (no kidding!).

This class focuses on drawing with pencil on paper. Additionally, no contemporary class would be complete without touching on digital applications, but the majority of our time will be hand drawing. A direct link to register can be found here.

Members of this class will not only take home their very own, custom, monogram sketch,  they will learn where to get 2 FREE digital fonts created from old engraver’s lettering styles created by Monotype (the largest, oldest font development company in the world) that were.
Bring your laptop! Or come without one, either way it will be engaging, educational, and fun.