Monday, March 21, 2016

The Visual Culture of Color

Color is integral to printing and thinking about visual culture. But how does it work? Read the first in this three part series about color in PRINT|HOW by Nancy Sharon Collins, stationer extraordinaire.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Town & Country Features Nancy Sharon Collins, Stationer

Nancy Sharon Collins, Stationer’s onion skin letter papers are featured in April Town & Country magazine (page 80).

Once the paper of choice for discerning letter writers, statesmen, and socialites, onion skin stationery is less than half the thickness of regular computer paper and just a tad heavier than tissue.

True onion skin has not been manufactured in this country for approximately 40 years. Lucky for well-healed letter writers that Mrs. Collins had the foresight to purchase and store thousands of white, water blue, canary yellow, and orange sheets and is once again creating gossamer stationery for contemporary use.

In this luxury line, each envelope is made by hand and fully-lined in the European tradition. Because of its cotton rag content, onion skin is magnificent when hand engraved, and especially suited to bespoke hand engraved monograms (for which Mrs. Collins is so well known!)

Contact Nancy Sharon Collins, Stationer directly for details about creating onion skin stationery of your own hand engraved with a couture (bespoke) monogram. And if your in a hurry purchase our packet of 5 folded onion skin notes and matching, completely hand made envelopes.