Thursday, August 27, 2009

Looking for Examples of Hand Engraved Social Stationery

For a research project I am seeking actual pieces of hand engraved social stationery, no photos. If you have some to lend or give, kindly contact me directly for mailing particulars. She is Please email me with the particulars, include your name, phone number(s), complete description of the piece or pieces you would like to submit, the story of to whom and from whom the piece came, your relationship (if any) and any interesting bits that would make for a nice story.

If your piece is chosen, we will need a legal release to digitize and publish your submission.

What we are looking for must be hand engraved and of American origin, including but not limited to:
  • stationery
  • cards
  • notes
  • calling cards
  • at home cards
  • announcements
  • acknowledgment cards
The sole criterion is engraving: this is raised on the front with a bruise or indentation on the back, which is how to tell real engraving.

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